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Issue: An international financial institution needed a control mechanism for its existing document management system which would help manage its many document processes, both current and archived.

Solution: The Vero UX and Java team designed and created a tool which manages the financial company’s processes using a system similar to an email client. The intuitive nature of the tool makes it possible for various levels of management to use; its flexible nature helps maximize the document management system’s processing abilities, expanding that system’s usability.

Using Java J2EE, JSF, RichFaces and Spring, the system integrates with the existing document management system via a custom built API and supports all major RDBMS - including Oracle, MSSQL and MySQL. It runs on various application servers including Tomcat, WebLogic, WebSphere, etc.

The system consists of three main parts – a user interface, process engine and database engine. Each part can run on a separated server. The communication between each part is based on REST or direct Java calls.

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